Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28: 65 degrees!

We took advantage of a warm January day by playing outside this afternoon.  It was rainy this morning, but the sun came out this afternoon.  It was just wonderful!!

While she was playing outside, Audrey kept saying, "Mom, I am having so much fun!"
Isla was confused when I took her outside without putting her coat on first. This is her new "pose" when you ask her to say cheese.  She cocks her head to the side, looks at the camera and cute!!
The girls kept themselves entertained for a long time by throwing their Little People princesses down the slide one by one.
If only it could be 65 degrees every day in January!

(I was just thinking that I blogged about a warm January day last year, and sure enough, I did!  Last year we were also playing outside in January on a warm 60 degree afternoon)


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