Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31: 20 months!

Isla is 20 months old today.  She will be two in just four months!  That is crazy!  She is a lot of fun right now, and even though she doesn't say much, she is hilarious!  She is super creative in how she tries to communicate without words, and it cracks me up.  Her facial expressions and body language are amazing.

She and Audrey are starting to play more together.  They don't always get along, but when they do, it is a lot of fun to watch.  Here is a video of them playing together.  They were supposed to be playing Ring Around the Rosy, but Isla kept falling down before they got to the "all fall down" part.  And it was cracking both girls up!

 Our doctor called this morning to follow up on the endocrinologist referral.  We talked a little more about the different measurements at Isla's last appointment.  She too was annoyed that there was such a big discrepancy in the two measurements.  She said she felt confident that her measurement of 31 inches was correct.  (Now, she questions whether some of Isla's earlier measurements were correct though.  Is she really growing or has she just been being measured inaccurately?  I'm thinking she needs to do some training with her nurses on how to measure toddlers, even though I'm sure it is nearly an impossible task to measure squirmy little kids.)

Anyway, the endocrinologist was encouraged by this 31 inch measurement, which pushes her growth curve back up again at 10%.  (I am really encouraged by this too!)  However, she also said she would be happy to see us and take a closer look at Isla.  Our doctor left it up to me as to whether we wanted to see the endocrinologist, but I got a very strong sense from her that she really wanted us to go ahead with the referral.  I feel like our doctor is not 100% certain about what is going on with Isla, and she wants the reassurance from a specialist so that she can be certain.  I feel the same way;  I am tired of all this uncertainty about whether or not something is wrong.

So we agreed with our doctor that we should go ahead and see the endocrinologist.  It might be a waste of time and money, as Isla did just show some improvement in her growth, but hopefully we can walk away with a definitive answer of some sort.   And our appointment is at 8:00 tomorrow morning, so maybe we won't have to wait too long!


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