Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3: Isla and her Party!

My last post was about all the details of Isla's party.  This post will be about the important stuff:  like the birthday girl!!

Isla's party started at 11 am, which was in the middle of her nap time.  We woke her up after she had napped for about an hour.  She was still sleepy, so she was really chill and calm the whole time.  She just stared so seriously at everyone who tried to talk to her.

Here she is eating her lunch with Mimi.

Daniel made a video of her first year.  I don't have a copy of it on my computer right now, but when I do, I will post it!  Here is Isla watching all her baby pictures on the video.
My dad made balloon animals for all the kids, and they were a huge hit!
So, the cake is the big moment at all one year old birthday parties, right?  Not so much with Isla.  It was very boring, as she showed no interest in the cake at all.  We forced her hand into the cake, and then into her mouth so she would get the idea that it is for eating.  After that she very gently touched the cake and licked her fingers a few times, but that was it.  I didn't put a bib on her, and she didn't even get her dress dirty!

Opening presents at a party with little kids is always interesting, as all the kids want to help open the presents!  Audrey was my main was tough for her to understand that the presents were for Isla and not for her.  We had A LOT of talks about this being Isla's special day and not Audrey's!

Happy birthday to our sweet baby Isla!  Even though you are one year old and not really a baby anymore, I think thatI will always call you my baby girl!


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