Friday, June 29, 2012

June 24-27: Camp

 I've decided to bite the bullet and pay $30 a year to be able to continue to post pictures on this blog.  I'm cheap and thought about switching to a new blog.  But I love having everything together in one place, so I'm going to stick with it.  Now, it's time to get caught up on the past week!

We helped at a 3rd/4th grade week of camp at our church camp this week.  Daniel led the worship in the morning and evenings, and I taught a class in the mornings, and our girls just hung out there all week!  It was a pretty good week. We ended up going back and forth between home and camp a lot, as I still taught piano lessons and Daniel still needed to work a little in the afternoons.  So it was kind of crazy to be going back and forth all week.

The girls were great though; I couldn't have asked them to cooperate much better.  Audrey thinks camp is the best place ever!  She woke up every morning SO excited because she got to eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner at camp.

I failed at taking pictures this week.  I only have a couple, and none of them are that great.

Here is Audrey dancing during the worship time.  She loved the music, and she quickly learned the Jesus is my Superhero theme song.  She liked to dance just like all the big kids were dancing.  Cael taught her some new moves too.

 Audrey and Cael have had lots of fun together at camp.  This wagon has been around every year with them, and it is always a hit!

The highlight of Audrey's week was probably the swimming time.  She only got to swim one day, but she was so excited about it.  I wasn't sure how she would do with all the big kids in the water around her.  There were a lot of kids and not a lot of room in the pool.  She got upset a few times about getting splashed in the face, but then she got used to it and didn't seem to mind so much.  She loved showing everyone how she can "swim" all by herself.  Here she is in her swim vest and floaties right in the middle of it all.


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