Friday, June 29, 2012

June 28: More PT

Isla had a physical therapy appointment on Thursday, and it went MUCH better than last week.

Isla started to fuss a little bit when we got into the office.  But Shannon moved us into a new, bigger room.  There were new toys and new things to look at, and I think she liked the change.   I at lso brought some of her favorite things from home to try to help her feel more comfortable.  After a few minutes of clinginess, she got brave and started to play and interact with Shannon.  She did some good work pulling up and doing the things that Shannon wanted her to do.

I'd say her pulling up skills have improved 100% in the past week.  She was pulling up on her toy table this morning almost without any effort at all.  Sometimes she still gets stuck with her feet in front of her and can't figure out how to get them in the right position to pull up.  That is the problem with scooting (as opposed to crawling).  Isla has never gotten comfortable on her knees with her feet behind her, like most kids do.  In order to pull up, she has to get on her knees with her feet behind her and getting into that position is sometimes a challenge for her.  But she is doing a good job, and I think she will continue to improve with more and more practice.

Our new skill to work on this week is learning how to sit down from a standing position.  We are supposed to help her bend down and reach for objects while she is standing, to strengthen her muscles and help her learn how to sit down.  Right now, if she sits down while standing, it is because she fell there by accident. 

Also, Isla learned a new word this week.  So far, she only says "mama" and "dadda" with any sense of purpose.  And she will tell you "baa" if you ask what a sheep says.  This week she started pointing to this stuffed duck and saying "du." 

At first I thought it was just a fluke, as she says "du" randomly all the time.  But she continued to do it whenever I showed her this duck.  Shannon heard her say it to the duck in physical therapy as well.  Later that night, in the bath tub, I pointed to a a different rubber duck in the tub and asked her what it was.  And she said "du" again.  I definitely think this counts as one of her first words!


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