Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30: Big Block Bash

Last night, our church hosted their annual block party, Big Block Bash.   This used to be a summertime event, but it was moved to a fall event this year.  The weather was perfect, sunny with temps in the 70s.  It's a fun event with lots of bounce houses, games, prizes, food and live music.  Fun for everyone...except Isla.

This type of event is just not fun for Isla right now.  She's in a super shy phase where she just wants to bury her face any time anyone looks at her.  So being in a crowd of people where everyone wants to come and say hi is not much fun for her.  Then she was annoyed because the sun was in her eyes the whole time.  Also there were these obnoxious little black bugs all over the place, and they seemed especially fond of Isla.  Isla did enjoy playing in the toddler play area for a while with the sand and water tables, so at least she wasn't miserable the whole time.

Audrey was similar to Isla at that age.  She was often shy around strangers, and she was almost always afraid to try new things or go to new places.  She has grown out of most of that now though.  Last night, while Isla was whining the whole time, Audrey was having a blast!  She hung out with her friend Anna, and the two of them tackled every bounce house, got their faces painted and had so much fun!!

 These two are so cute together.  They are becoming the best of friends, and it is super cute!
 So, Isla and I didn't really have much fun, but I think for Audrey, Anna and most all other people there, it was a great time!  I love this event and the way that our church is able to reach out to the people in our surrounding neighborhood in a fun way.


kmc70e said...

So you're saying there's hope for Mads to grow out of the insanely shy stage?!?! Glad Audrey had fun! There's always next year for Miss Isla!

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