Friday, September 6, 2013

Audrey's First Day of Preschool

Audrey started back to school on Wednesday.  She was super excited about getting to go back to school, and I think she had a great morning!  My mom just happened to be in town, so she got to be a part of our morning and go see Audrey's school and classroom.

Here she is standing in front of the flowers at her school.
And in her classroom, getting to work on a project with her best buddy Anna.

Isla was pretty sad that she didn't get to stay at school with Audrey.  She didn't throw a fit, but she was just really sad and crabby all morning.  Every once in a while she would remember and then say, "Coo.  Oo.  Me too" (which in Isla speak means, "School.  Audrey.  Me too.").  Nana and I tried to keep her distracted by doing some shopping.

After her second day of school today, Audrey still seems to be enjoying it.  When I ask her if she cried at school, she says, "No way, Jose!  I don't do that anymore."  I love hearing about all the things she does at school, and I can't wait to hear more about all the fun she will have this year!

And I almost forgot!!  Here is the all important comparison shot showing Audrey's first day of school last year vs. Audrey's first day of school this year.  She is so grown up now!!


kmc70e said...

She looks like a totally different girl between last year and this year. She's so sweet.

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