Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21: Family Photo Shoot Day!

So we had our family pictures taken tonight.  I was prepared for the worst.  It was not the worst, but it wasn't the greatest either.  It was windy, which was frustrating.  I spent so much time making sure my hair and the girls hair looked decent, only to have it blown around the second we stepped out of the car. 

Also, Isla was not cooperative.  At all.  She is pretty shy, and it takes her a while to warm up to new places and people.  As soon as the photographer tried to say hi to her, she buried her face in my shoulder, and she didn't want to look up the rest of the time.  The photographer tried her best to get Isla out of her shell, but that girl is a stubborn one!  With the help of some Skittles, some bubbles, and some crazy antics from Daddy and Audrey, we were able to get her to at least start looking in the direction of the camera.  But I have no idea if we ever got any smiles.  Here's a picture that I snapped with my phone, and I think it is safe to assume that Isla may have a face similar to this in most of the pictures:

Audrey did great.  She was perfectly cooperative, and I think she was just having fun posing for the camera.  She is in a stage right now where her camera smile is very awkward and unnatural, so I'm a little curious to see how the pictures turn out. 

It is always interesting to be on the other side of the camera.  I really don't enjoy posing for photos AT ALL.  Much less posing for photos while holding children and trying to make sure they are somewhat smiling and not looking awkward, all the while making sure that you are smiling and looking un-awkward.  

The nice thing about being in the photos is that now I don't have the pressure to make them look good.  It is all up to our photographer to take what we gave her and turn them into something amazing (and she may have her work cut out for her!).  One thing I don't like about being in the photos is that I don't have the pictures in my hand immediately after they are taken.  I didn't ask how long it will take for us to get our pictures, but I will be anxiously waiting for them!  I won't know until I seem them whether this whole venture (paying a photographer, buying some new clothes, driving two hours) was worth it!

As soon as we go in the car after the shoot tonight, Isla started talking, singing and smiling.  It was like she was just waiting for the picture taking to be over so she could start to be happy again.  Such a stinker!!    We then went to Famous Dave's for dinner, and both girls were so happy and pleasant.  This is not always the case when we eat at restaurants, so it was really enjoyable to have a nice happy meal out as a family to end our day!


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