Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28...Fall Monogram Wreath

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted.  This week flew by!!  I have no idea what we did all week, except that it is over now.  And it's almost October!

I've been thinking about adding some fall decor to our front porch.  I don't normally do much decorating for holidays except for Christmas.  But I've seen a few cute fall ideas that I kind of want to try for myself.   Although after doing some shopping today, I'm realizing why I don't do much holiday can be expensive!

First on my list...a fall monogram wreath.  I made a Christmas monogram wreath last year, which I liked a lot.  So now I have two different monograms for our front door for the different seasons.

This was an easy project that only took me about 20 minutes to complete. My only complaint is that I kept burning my fingers on the hot glue.  This happens every time I try to hot glue anything...I just have no patience to wait for it to cool down before I touch it! 

Compared to the price of premade wreaths and floral arrangements, this was a pretty cheap project.   I just wrapped the burlap around the letter, hot gluing (and burning myself!) as I went.  Then I hot glued the flowers to the letter, and tied it to the door with the satin ribbon. 

Supplies I used (all purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Large wood letter:  $7.79 (with 40% off coupon)
Burlap Spool:  $2.99 (50% off sale)
Two large felt flowers:  $6.99 (one was on clearance, the other wasn't)
Brown Satin Ribbon:  $1.99 (50% off sale)
Hot glue gun:  already owned

Total cost:  $19.76

I could have made it more cheaply if I would have made my own felt flowers.  I was planning to do that based on all the felt flower tutorials popping up all over Pinterest.  But then I saw the premade flowers, and they looked so pretty and EASY that I went for those instead.

My next project is to make a pumpkin topiary, similar to this one.  I was going to make it with fake pumpkins so that I could use it year after year.  But the fake pumpkins were really expensive!  So now I'm re-thinking my plan.  I'd also like to add some real pumpkins and gourds into the mix.  Although in the past, we have always had problems with squirrels eating our porch pumpkins.

I'm excited for fall, it's one of my favorite seasons!  Now if only the weather would cooperate with the fall season.  It's been 85 degrees here for much of the past week!


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