Wednesday, May 15, 2013


8 days until we move out!  Crazy!  It is definitely bittersweet.  We have lived in this house for eight years, and we have made many wonderful memories here.  This is the place where we brought home both of our daughters, and where we have spent countless hours with friends hosting various parties and events.  It is our HOME!  So it is going to be really weird adjusting to a new place.

But it is also exciting!!  Now we just have to get everything packed up and ready to go in time.  There are boxes (both full and empty) piling up in every room of our house.
 Most rooms also look like this, because I have given up on cleaning and picking up for the moment.
I have also developed a system for organized packing.  When Daniel saw my system, he laughed and said I was just spending time organizing to avoid packing.  And he knows me so well!  This system has MUCH more to do with me procrastinating than it does with my desire to be super organized. 

So the system is:  each room in our new house is assigned a color.  After packing the box, I put a piece of colored tape on the box.

Then when we move in, each room will have a sign with that color of tape on it.  I made the signs today (which is when Daniel started laughing at me!).  So everyone will know where to put the boxes, and everything will end up in the room where it is supposed to be! Lovely!


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