Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 25: Good-bye House!

We officially moved out of our house yesterday.  It is such a weird feeling.

We had some great friends who came to help us pack up the truck on Thursday night.  (And hopefully all of those great friends will be back again to move it all to our new place!!!)
 Then we all spent the night in an empty house. The girls thought it was fun to eat breakfast on the floor Friday morning!
 Then we sent the girls to a babysitter, and Daniel and I cleaned every inch of the house.  I was not sad at all to say good-bye to those cabinets!
 When it was finally time to leave, it was pretty sad.  And just crazy to think that we will NEVER enter the house again!  After living there for eight years, I feel like I know every square inch of that house.  And our new house, I know very little about!  We briefly walked through it three times, but it will be a whole new place for us to get to know.
 The girls thought it was fun to run all around the empty house.
 And so we say good-bye to our first home...sad to leave, but excited to make memories in a new place!  I just wish we didn't have to wait three weeks to move into our new place.  We are in Indiana right now, and it doesn't quite feel real yet.  It's like we are just on a trip to visit family.  Then I keep remembering that we don't have a house to go home to right now.  Like I said, it is just weird!!


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