Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10: Isla's Speech, An Update

It's been a long time since I have written anything about Isla's speech.  She has been making good progress lately!  Here is a list of words that I know she can say:

1.  Mama
2.  Dadda
3.  Bye-bye
4.  Ball
5.  Duck
6.  Bubble
7.  Go
8.  Cracker
9.  Baby
10. Block
11.  Hello
12.  Shoe
13.  Juice
14.  Down
15.  Nana
16.  Papa
17. Mimi
18. Adam ("Aa")
19.  Elliot ("Ee")
20.  Anna ("Nanna")
21.  Steve ("Tee")
22.  School
23.  Grow
24.  Bible
25.  Tall
26.  Milk
27.  Cup
28.  Church
29.  Me
30.  Mine
31.  Key
32.  Hold
33.  Chair
34.  Dress
35.  Shoe
36.  Nose
37.  Eye
38.  Ear
39.  Bus
40.  Car
41.  Amy
42.  Grover
43.  Eat
44.  Cookie
45.  Hi
46.  Blue
47.  Green
48.  Pink
49.  Purple
50.  Mouth
51.  Hair
52.  Bottom
53.  Cat
54.  Giraffe
55.  Pig
56. Done
57.  Food
58.  Roll
59.  Pat
60.  Boat
61.  Please
62.  More

I'm pretty sure she can say more than that, but that's all that is coming to mind now.  Now, when I say she can say them, it means that I can understand what she is saying.  She still has a long ways to go to master correct pronunciation.  I can probably understand 60-70% of what she is saying, but I am guessing most people might only be able to understand 30-40%.

The one thing that she will not even attempt to say is Audrey's name.  It frustrates Audrey because she will hear Isla say many other names.  But when you ask her to say Audrey, she is just silent.  I would think she would at least be able to say "Au" but most of the time she won't even try.  It's strange, because she will try to imitate most words now.  Just not Audrey's name.

She doesn't really put two words together very often.  But occasionally she will try.  She has mastered "Go Da!" (dad), and she says it repeatedly every time Daniel leaves the house to go running.  Tonight I heard her say, "Hi Ma" (mom) for the first time!

This is all a huge improvement over a few months ago when she was sparingly saying only five words.  I think she would still fall in the low range of normal for speech, but she is improving daily.  And it is just so much fun to hear her talk!!

She is also starting to sing more songs.  She manages to get a few words on pitch in several different songs including:
Row, Row, Row your Boat
The Wheels on the Bus
Deep and Wide

I also caught her playing Pat a Cake with her baby the other day, and it was the cutest thing ever!  She was doing the motions with the baby's arms and saying, "Roooooo, Paaaaaa....Meee!  Translation:  Roll it, pat it...(and mark it with a B, and put it in the oven for baby and ) me!

I would love to capture all of these words and songs on video, and I am constantly trying.  But Isla is a stubborn little thing, and she does NOT like to perform for the camera.  I will keep trying though!  I have so much video of Audrey's first words, because she was a little show off and would do anything for the camera.  I would like to have at least some of Isla's early words recorded, but I am going to have to figure out a way to do it so that she doesn't know I am recording her!


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