Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12: Happy Mother's Day!

We had an enjoyable Mother's Day around here.  The girls woke me up with a present in bed...a new cup with a straw (I love plastic cups with straws but I am constantly losing mine) and a Sonic gift card (to feed my Diet Dr Pepper addiction). 

We had lunch at Jersey Mike's.  It was my choice, and I just wanted to go somewhere that wasn't overcrowded and that didn't have a wait.  Jersey Mike's was the perfect fit for that, as I'm guessing it is not the number one choice of many moms on Mother's Day.

This afternoon, Daniel told me to go and do something by myself, something that I very much enjoy.  It seems a little backwards to want to spend time away from my kids as a Mother's Day present, but it was very nice to have a couple of hours of quiet time.  I went to Barnes and Noble and Panera, browsing and reading books.  It was enjoyable.  And it was nice to come back home and see my sweet girls!  They were super sweet today...a perfect Mother's Day gift for me!  =)

In my Sunday School class this morning, I planned a craft that would include a printed photo of each kid as a gift to their mom.  I took the pictures in class and planned to print them on the church's copier, then cut them out and attach them to the craft, all before the parents came back to pick their kids up.  Well, it didn't work!  Lots of technical difficulties.  The kids took home their craft without the picture. 

But I still had all these pictures, and I wanted to do something with them.  So I came home and made a Mother's Day e-card, personalized it with each kids picture and name, and then e-mailed it out to each kids' mom.  They turned out pretty cute.  Here is Audrey's that she "sent" to me! 


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