Monday, May 20, 2013

Isla's Two Year Pictures

At the spur of the moment today, I decided to take Isla's two year pictures.  It was not ideal.  It was the middle of a bright sunny day, which means not great lighting.  Audrey was with us, and taking along an unpredictable four year old as an assistant is not ideal either.  Not to mention that I really should spend my time today packing, not taking and editing and posting pictures!

But mpix is having a free shipping deal this week and I wanted to get the pictures before Isla's party, so that made today the day!

Audrey was actually a great assistant.  Her job ended up being the briber.  She held a box of raisins, and every time Isla smiled or cooperated, Audrey would give her a raisin and lots of encouragement!

Isla started the photo shoot making this face in every picture.  She is an excellent pouter, and she was not afraid to show off this skill for the camera!
But once we broke out the raisins, we finally started to get some smiles from her!

And my assistant photographer also wanted to be in a few shots!  =)

And one final shot of the sisters together!
I can't believe Isla is going to be two next week!  And I can't believe that we won't live in this house when she turns two!  Crazy stuff going on around here!


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