Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30: Fun in Indy

We are back home after spending the past week or so with Daniel's parents in Indiana.  While we were there, we had a little birthday party for Isla with his family.

I made these cupcakes and thought they turned out fairly cute.
 I love this picture of Audrey playing dollhouse with Uncle Scott.
 Isla wasn't too sure about opening her presents, but Audrey was happy to help!  =)  Isla got this push car from Mimi and Papaw.

The rest of our week in Indy was fun too.  The girls loved playing with Mimi and Papaw, though I forgot to take pictures, so I have no photographic evidence of that!  We got to go to the Y with Mimi one day and go swimming, which was a big hit with both girls. 

We also got to spend an afternoon with our friends Eli and Beth and their kids Hunter, Gauge, and Lily.  Again, I failed to take pictures of our time together, but we had lunch at their house and spent the afternoon at the park.

Then we also got to see our friends BJ and Kellie and their kids.  And I did remember to take pictures this time!  We got to meet sweet baby Lucia for the first time!
And we got to hang out with Truett, who is the funniest and most adorable three year old boy!!
Audrey had fun playing with Ava.  In the past, the two of them have not always gotten along so well.  But this time, they had so much fun and played together the whole time.  Here are all the kids together, transfixed on the ipad.


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