Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9: Happy Birthday, Daniel!

We had a pretty good day celebrating Daniel's 31st birthday.

Our friend Jody, whose husband is our senior minister, also has her birthday today.  So we went out to lunch with them and some others from the church staff to celebrate. 

We have been eating out a lot lately.  Getting ready to move in two weeks has made me less motivated to cook (and do dishes, we have also been eating on paper plates a lot).  But for Daniel's birthday, I thought we should have a nice home-cooked meal.  I made this garlic cheddar chicken (my go to baked chicken recipe), this roasted asparagus (because Daniel LOVES asparagus!), these drop biscuits (which were super simple and tasty!), and a fruit salad.

It would have been nice if the girls would have cooperated in making this a nice family meal for Daniel's birthday.  During prayer, Audrey was being ornery and goofy and not very respectful.  She ended up having to leave the table for a little bit.  When I went to bring her back and talk to her about why we should be respectful and use a nice voice when talking to God, she said, "But Mom, God always loves us.  He loves when we pray any way."  Ugh, what am I supposed to say to that? 

Then we told the girls they had to eat their green beans before having cake.  Audrey quickly ate up all her green beans (which isn't TOO hard for her, since green beans are one of her favorites).  Isla refused.  All I wanted her to do was eat two small green beans, then she could have her cake.  This was her reaction.

So Daniel, Audrey and I enjoyed caked while Isla watched.  She didn't seem to be too upset by it, but she was very determined that she would not eat those green beans. 

The cake was designed by Audrey!  We were brainstorming ideas on what we could do for Daniel's birthday.  Audrey, my party planning protege, wanted a themed cake, of course!  She decided we should have a running cake, because Daddy likes to run.  She wanted to make a road that went all across the cake, and then she wanted to put a picture of Daddy running on the top of the cake.  And so, that is what we made!!


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