Friday, November 16, 2012

Tangled Party...the budget

I posted my budget for this party a while back.  I know you probably don't care about how much money I spent on this party.  I posted it in order to help keep myself accountable to sticking with it.  And it worked!  There were so many times when I wanted to splurge and buy something extra, but then I remembered that I had to report back here on how much I spent.  So, that motivated me to be good and stick with the budget!  Here is how it all panned out.

Invitations:  $25
Mpix printing and envelopes:  $21
Embroidery thread for braids:  $3
Mailing:  $4.50
TOTAL SPENT:  $28.50

Decorations:  $75
Curtains:  $10 (Ikea)
Frying Pans:  $12 (Ikea)
Napkins:  $3 (Ikea)
100 ft yellow tablecloth roll:  $12 (Party City)
Plates, cups and silverware:  $12 (Party City)
Rapunzel Doll for cake:  $10 (Disney store)
Glitter tulle:  $6 (Hobby Lobby)
Purple tablecloths:  $3
Total spent:  $68

Audrey's Costume (which also served as her Halloween costume):  $25
 Rapunzel Dress:  $14 (Party City)
Yarn (for hair):  $4 (Hobby Lobby)
Flowers (for hair):  $3 (Hobby Lobby)
Total Spent:  $21
Favors (for 17 kids!):  $40
Treat bags and tissue paper for girls:  $3.50 (Michaels)
Treat bags for boys:free (used lunchbags and paper I had on hand)
Little toys for treat bags and babies:  $17 (Party City)
Tangled Figurines:  $20 (Disney store)
Total Spent:   $40.50

Food:  $100
Cake, cupcake and Icing ingredients/supplies:  $32
Donut tower supplies:  $12
Tower Kabobs:  $17
Breadstick dough:  $4
 Drinks:  $9
Potato Soup Ingredients and toppings:  $10
Hazelnut Soup Ingredients and toppings:  $10
Crackers:  $2
Total Spent:   $96

Games and Activities:  $25
A dozen light up balloons:  $20 (Party City)
Flynn Rider Poster and other printed signs:  $5
3M strips to hang signs:  $4
Apples for Maximus game: $3
Total Spent:  $32

That is $4.00 less than my budget!  Impressive!  There is a good chance that I forgot to write something down on this list, but I tried carefully to keep track of what I was spending as I spent it.  So I think this is a fairly accurate representation of what I spent. 

I tried really hard to look for deals and buy things on sale.  Back in September, I was able to take advantage of a 30% off everything sale at Party City.  I bought as much as I could, like plates and silverware, Audrey's costume and the yellow tablecloth roll that we hung out the window.  I also made a lot of trips to Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons to get many of the cake decorating supplies and other decorations!

 I also just realized that I never posted a picture of the invitation.  I  designed it, then had it printed by Mpix when they were having a sale.  I braided and attached an embroidery thread braid for the local invitations that we hand-delivered.  I was too cheap to pay the extra postage to send the braids with the out of town invites, so they all just got a plain invitation.

And here are a few final pictures of the birthday girl at her party!

That is the end of the Tangled Party posts.  I have now shared every single detail of this party, probably much more than you ever wanted to know.  But if anyone out there is planning a Tangled party of their own, then I hope I have given you some helpful tips and ideas in your party planning adventure!


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