Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5: Fluffy the Sheep

For the past two weeks, we have been in charge of taking care of  Audrey's class pet, Fluffy the (stuffed) sheep.  Normally, each kid in her class gets to take Fluffy home for a week, but with pir St Louis trip and Halloween and Audrey being sick, we ended up with him for two weeks.

We were supposed to take pictures with Fluffy and journal what we did with him.  With the girls being sick last week, it was kind of a crazy week.  And we had to put Fluffy in quarantine for a while to make sure we didn't pass any germs onto him.  =)  But we did take a few pictures, so here they are:

We brought Fluffy to church on Sunday.  I teach Audrey's first hour Sunday School class.  Our lesson was about Abram and Lot, when their shepherds were fighting because they did not have enough land and water for their sheep.  How perfect that Fluffy the sheep came to visit our class on a day when the lesson was about sheep!  I let Fluffy be our guest teacher and "tell" the story to the kids.  It was fun!

 Fluffy stuck around for Audrey's second hour Sunday School class with Miss Peggy and Anna (who is also her preschool classmate).


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