Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tangled Party...the decorations!

We had the party at our house.  I have mixed feelings about having birthday parties at our house.  On the one hand, it's easier because you don't have to transfer all your stuff to another place.  On the other hand, you have to get everything ready and keep the house clean and find room for all the party attenders in your house!

To make room for everyone, we had to use a lot of spaces in our house:  the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the backyard and the whole basement.  I was tempted to decorate all those spaces, but I did restrain myself.  I made the dining room our main decorated space, with a few things outside and in the basement.

In the dining room, I pretty much emptied the room of all our usual stuff, which wasn't that much stuff, and I took down the curtains.  We used the dining room table to serve the food and a card table for drinks.  Otherwise, the room was empty.  With so many people in the house, it was nice to have some open space where everyone could mingle and walk through fairly easily.

I took advantage of this free sun banner printable from Paging Supermom, designed to imitate the kingdom banners in the movie.  I used the purple Ikea curtains I bought a long time ago to hang in our other windows and to serve as a backdrop for the food and drink tables. 

In the movie, Flynn and Rapunzel go to a tavern called the Snuggly Duckling, so I made a sign and used them as our "caterer" for the night.

I used our window seat to display the desserts, and swirled some tulle ribbon around the curtain rod.  The tulle is not looking so great in this picture, but I think it looked better in real life.

I love these white Ikea frames.  At only 99 cents a piece, they are a bargain.  Their simple, white design works well with almost any party, and I use them all the time.  Next time I am at Ikea I need to stock up on some more!

 Outside, I really wanted to use our gable window to represent Rapunzel's tower.  So we threw a roll of yellow plastic tablecover out the window and draped it around the front of the house.  I loved this look!
 Except when planning this idea, I forgot that our party was at 6:00 at night when it would be getting dark.  And then we rescheduled the party for after Daylight Savings Time, which meant it was going to be pitch black at 6:00.  Solution?  Borrow a spotlight from church to shine on the hair coming out of the window.  It was hard to get a picture, but it made the "hair" look even more dramatic!
 I also found some cheap LED lights at the dollar store.  I put them in some salt inside some white paper lunchbags with sunbursts glued on them.  I set these around outside to represent the lanterns in the movie.  I really wanted to do more decorating with lanterns, but I ran out of time and money!

 In the basement, I put a couple more luminaries on the tables along with some quotes from the movie.  I hung up a few more sun banners, threw on some purple tablecloths and yellow glitter tulle ribbon, and that was about it for our decorations!


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