Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tangled and favors

 For the kiddos who came to the party, we had a few activities and games for them to play.

One was Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.  This idea came from Paging Supermom, and I used the frying pan printable that she provided.
 Outside, we had Maximus' Apple Toss.  (Maximus is the horse in the movie, who really likes to eat apples).  The lattice in our backyard worked perfectly for this game.  Again, the dark was a bit of a problem though.  Our back light was enough for the kids to see the hole, but then the apples were lost in the black darkness of our backyard.  So I just gave them a flashlight and sent them off to find the apples, which became a whole new game in itself.  Eventually, all the boys (there were a lot of them!) started chasing each other around the yard...a great way for them to burn off energy without driving everyone inside the house crazy!
 The grand finale was a glowing balloon launch to represent the lantern launch in the movie.  I got balloons with an LED light inside them.  It was impossible to get a picture of the glowing balloons because it was so dark.  And because the glow in the balloons was very, very lame.  I was extremely disappointed with them; they barely gave off any light at all.  Launching them into the sky was cool for some of the kids, but some of the younger kids did not understand the idea of purposely letting go of a balloon.  A few tears were shed as they watched their balloon float away forever.  In the end, the balloon launch sounded like a fun idea, but it really was not worth it.

For the favors, we just found a few little trinkets to put in a bag for each kid.  The main highlight of the favor was a Tangled figurine.  The Disney store had figurine sets on sale for $10 with free shipping.  So I ordered two sets and gave one figurine to each kid.  Both of my girls LOVE little figurines, and I think they were a hit with the other kids as well.  Besides the figurine, we also included a Rapunzel pen, a plastic flute, Rapunzel tattoos, and a candy necklace.

Audrey and I found these sparkly purple bags on clearance at Michaels, and we really liked them.  We used them for all the girls' favors.
For the boys, I wanted to make satchel bags like Flynn Rider's satchel in the movie.  I saw some really cool felt and leather satchels that others had made as party favors.  But again, time and money were not on my side...and I don't really know how to sew.  Instead, I decided to try to transform plain brown paper lunchbags into satchels.  I attached some brown cardstock, rounded the corners, and used a white gel pen to create faux stitching around the edges.  I thought they looked pretty good, and if you knew they were satchels, then they kind of looked like satchels...right??


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