Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1: Play a Christmas Game

It's December 1...time to break out our Advent calendar!  I'm going to try to blog about each day this year to help revive this little blog of mine.

On each day in December leading up to Christmas, everyone gets a little piece of candy and then there is a Christmas themed activity for us all to do that day.  I made a new calendar last year using a shoe organizer, and it was so easy to make and so easy to set up each year!

December is such a crazy month and adding activities to each day sometimes seems a little crazy.  There are definitely days when it is really stressful to try to fit in an extra Christmas activity.  There are also days when the activity doesn't go as planned, or when two little girls don't have a good attitude about the activity.  However, there are other days, when everything does go as planned.  And we all have fun and enjoy celebrating Christmas together.  By the end of the month, the good days always outweigh the bad.  And so I keep doing it every year!

It's going to be a little trickier this year, as Audrey is now in school all day, every day.  I teach piano three afternoons a week after school, which only leaves us with a little bit of time for dinner, bath and bedtime.  Our free time is much more limited than it ever has been, but I am determine that we can make it work!  And keep the stress level to a minimum, if possible.

So tonight, we played a Christmas game.  My girls love to play any kind of board game, so I knew this would be a crowd pleaser.  I found this nativity dice game on pinterest and printed it for us to play.  It was a hit!!

And for fun, here's a throwback to the first year we did an Advent calendar in 2010.  Look at that little Audrey!


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