Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 4: Peter Pan Live

This one really didn't have anything to do with Christmas, but it was something that I knew the girls would enjoy.

We watched Peter Pan Live on NBC.

My girls love Peter Pan (the stage musical, not so much the Disney movie).  They saw it at the Muni once, and they love all of the songs.  Isla, especially, has always loved Peter Pan.

All day long, they kept talking about watching Peter Pan Live.  If I said something about watching Peter Pan, they were both quick to correct me that we were watching "Peter Pan LIVE."  The "live" part was important to them, even though they didn't really understand what it meant.

I didn't let them stay up to watch the whole show, but they did enjoy the hour and a half that I let them watch.  It was on Hulu the next day, so then they got to finish the whole movie.


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