Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 5: Buy a New Ornament

Daniel had missed out on all the advent fun so far, so I sent him out with the girls on a mission to let them each pick out one new Christmas ornament for our day 5 activity.  Both Audrey and Isla have a special box where they get to keep their "own" ornaments.  Growing up, we always got to have our own box of ornaments, and I remember it fondly.  I thought it would be fun to let the girls pick their own ornament to add to their box this year!

They went to Hobby Lobby, because they have a huge selection of ornaments for fairly cheap.  I was kind of surprised by what the girls ended up choosing for themselves!

Isla picked this window ornament.  She was amazed by it because it has a mirror on it.  She also refuses to hang it on the tree.  She wants to keep it in her room instead.

Audrey picked out this fancy leopard print dress ornament.  I was surprised that she didn't pick something pink!


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