Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 7: Write a Christmas Story

Audrey is learning about how to write stories at school.  She is also learning about writing sentences and sounding out words.  So I thought we could make our advent activity a little educational this time, and put all those things together to write a Christmas story book.

At school, Audrey has learned that stories need to have a beginning, middle and end.  So we talked about what kind of Christmas story we could write and decided on opening presents.  They also encourage the kindergartners at school to use brave spelling, which means to try to sound out words and write down whatever letters they think might be in the word.  The goal is for the kids to attempt to spell words on their own, not necessarily to spell them correctly.  So I helped Audrey sound out the words, and she wrote them all with her brave spelling by herself.  Here is her book!
Translation:  What I want for Christmas.  She also labeled all the pictures (I guess that is something else they learn at school?):  star, Christmas tree, presents, and carpet.

Translation:  I saw presents.

Translation:  I opened my presents.

Translation:  I saw a Glitter Glider Castle.  (this is the main thing on Audrey's Christmas wish list, and we did buy it for her, so I think she will be excited to see her story come true!)

Isla also made a book  of her own.   Her pages are a bit more random.  

The person in the above picture is Doc McStuffins.  Isla drew the head, then she wanted me to draw her body, then Isla colored her.

Isla also wanted me to draw a Christmas tree on this page.


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