Sunday, November 30, 2014

Audrey's Belle-inspired Sixth Birthday Party

Audrey decided several months ago that she wanted to be Belle for Halloween and that she wanted a Belle-themed birthday party.  So that's what we did!

She wanted to invite the whole world to her party, but I convinced her to just invite a couple of her girl friends from school and church.  The idea was to just have a simple little party with her friends.  And I tried, I really tried.  I'm just not good at simple parties.


I ended up dividing our house into "rooms" kind of like the Beast's mansion.

We had the library where we opened presents and played a game.

The West Wing, where the Beast's enchanted rose stood and where we made a craft.

And the Dining Room, where the food was served!


We found this letter "A" notebook in the dollar section at Michaels, and I thought it worked perfectly as a guest book.  Audrey greeted all of her friends as they arrived and had them sign their names in the book.

I had a simple coloring craft for the girls to work on when they arrived.  I didn't expect them to spend much time on it, but they really got into their coloring pages.  I ended up hurrying them along so we would have time for the rest of the party festivities.

We played a Belle Bingo game that I bought from Etsy.  I'm sure I could have made a game without spending any money, but sometimes it is easier to just use (and pay for) what someone else has already made!  The Bingo game was fun, and worked well for the different age levels we had in our group (ages 3-6).

And of course we opened presents!  Audrey would probably say that was her favorite part.  =)


In an attempt to keep it simple, I didn't make a big buffet of food, as I might have liked.  In keeping with Belle's French cuisine and the line from the movie, "Marie, the baguettes!" we had baguettes with butter and jam.

I also made the "grey stuff" (from the song Be Our Guest) using this recipe.  Everyone agreed, it was delicious!


For the past few parties, I have paid someone to make the cake.  And that is a really good idea.  There is a part of me that likes trying to make the cake myself.  But it always ends up being a little (okay, A LOT) stressful!  I really need to remember that letting someone else make it is a good idea.

But this year, Audrey wanted a doll cake.  I made a doll cake for her Rapunzel themed fourth birthday party.  So I figured I could do it again with Belle this time.

I really like the look of rose cakes, with big rose swirls covering the whole cake.  I decided to try my hand at using rose swirls to decorate Belle's dress.  It worked fairly well.  Not quite as good as a professional, but I was happy with the result.


I made rose pens for each of the girls to take home as a favor.

We know a lady who makes amazing sugar cookies, so I enlisted her help to make Belle dress cookies to give away as favors as well.

That's about it for our "simple" Belle party.  It was fun!!


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