Thursday, November 20, 2014

Isla's Broken Leg

Time to play the blogging catch up game, yet again.  I still have a few more posts to write about Disney, but I am going to try to catch up on real life first.

Just over a month ago, Isla broke her leg!  She was just walking on the wood floors in our dining room, and she slipped and fell.  And boom!  Broken leg.  It's just crazy how easily it happened.  I really didn't think it was broken, but she wouldn't put any weight on it, so we took her into the doctor right away.  Sure enough, it was broken.

It was so so horrible watching them put the cast on her.  She was not happy about it. I think she was in a lot of pain, obviously.  But then she also hates going to the doctor and screams when they take her temperature.  Or sometimes just when they look at her.  Getting a cast on was traumatic to say the least.  After the cast, the first few days were ROUGH!  She did not want to move at all.  It was hard to tell how much was pain and how much was fear of pain or fear of the cast.

For a while, she wanted to keep her leg covered with a blanket at all times.  She did not want anyone to see her cast.  She did not even want to see it herself.

We eventually ventured out of the house, but only if she had her fuzzy green blanket with her.  And Doc McStuffins.  A friend gave her the Doc doll when she first broke her leg, and it was her security toy for several weeks.  We couldn't do anything without Doc.

After the first week or so, Isla gradually started to move around more.  By the third week, she was even walking a little bit on her own!

We went back to the doctor last week, and Isla's cast was removed.  She now has a walking boot that comes up to just below her knee.  She can walk around a little more in this boot, but it is still big and tall for her.  So she can only hobble around unsteadily with it on.  The good news about the boot:  She can take it off for bath time!  No more sponge baths!!

She will wear the boot for about three more weeks, and then hopefully she will be all healed up and good to go. I'm ready for my little girl to be able to walk freely by herself again!

One bit of good news in all of this.  Isla is still not potty trained.  It has been a huge source of frustration for us, as she is extremely stubborn and determine not to use the toilet.  However, it turned out to be the best thing ever that she was not potty trained when she broke her leg.  I can't even imagine how annoying it would be to have to carry her to the bathroom and put her on the toilet every time she needed to go.   I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad she is still wearing diapers!  But when her leg is healed...potty training boot camp will begin!


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