Saturday, November 22, 2014


Halloween always ends up being such a crazy day, as it is also Audrey's birthday.  Plus, it was a school day for Audrey this year.  It is a long day for everyone, but we fit everything in.  We postponed most of Audrey's birthday celebration until her party the next day.

Audrey decided a long time ago that she wanted to be Belle for Halloween, because she had also decided that she wanted to have a Belle birthday party.  She also asked if she could have a Belle dress that went all the way down to the floor.  I started looking for long Belle dresses.  I found a lot of beautiful dresses, but they were expensive!  Until one day, I found one on Zulily for just $12.  Score!  It is definitely a cheap dress, but it went all the way to the floor and had a little hoop in it.  Audrey thought it was perfect!

I had Isla pick out another one of the $12 dresses that were on sale, and she decided to be Snow White.  Easiest Halloween costume year so far for us!

Isla's typical picture scowl.

But Daddy got her to smile for the camera!

It's a tradition to go trick or treating with our friend Cael.

Audrey had a hard time walking in her dress that went all the way to the ground.  She only tripped and fell one time though.

Audrey was a bit shy about going up to the houses to trick or treat.  We found out at the end of the night that she was afraid the houses would have dogs inside them.  The girl is deathly afraid of dogs!  However, she was willing to set aside her fears for the sake of getting candy.

Isla and her broken leg were wheeled around in the stroller all night.  She thought it was great!

It's also a tradition to stop by our friend Lisa's house.

This year Audrey's teacher (the one in the hat) went trick or treating with us.  I thought Audrey would love it, but she seemed shy and nervous all night.  She wasn't quite sure how to act around her teacher outside of school!  We also stopped by her assistant teacher's house (the one in the purple shirt) to go trick or treating.

Trick or treating is a fun tradition for us, and so we keep doing it, even though it would be easier to just skip it and focus on Audrey's birthday instead.    We have also tried to carry on a tradition that my mom used to do when we were kids.  We usually only trick or treated at the houses of people that we knew, and my mom would make treats for us to deliver while we went trick or treating.  I love the idea of giving treats to others at Halloween, so I have been trying to do that ever year with our family.  It's always crazy with Audrey's birthday, but this year I managed to make some caramel apple popcorn to deliver around our neighborhood.  It was yummy.  I was lucky to have some left to give to the neighbors, as I kept eating it myself!


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