Friday, August 16, 2013

State Fair

Earlier this week we made our annual visit to the state fair with our friends Steve, Amy and Cael.  We've been going to the fair with them for a while now (since at least 2008, I believe).  It's become a fun tradition!

I believe I commented in last year's post about how expensive the fair is, but let me just say it's expensive!  All I can think about while I am there is how much money we are spending, and how many people are at the fair, and how they are all spending money just like me.

But like I said, it is a fun tradition, and we have lots of good memories at the we continue to go there and spend our money each year!

One of the kids favorite parts of the fair is riding the bus.  Instead of trying to find a place to park (and paying for that place to park), we usually ride the city bus, which drops us off right at the main gate.  It is cheaper and easier and much more fun for the kids!  (Despite the look on her face here, Isla liked the bus ride a lot!)

We saw all kinds of animals at the fair.  They had some more interesting animals than in years past, like giraffes and zebras!

And of course, we had to ride a few rides!

Isla isn't quite big enough for a lot of the rides yet.  So while Audrey and Cael were riding, I took Isla to go on the little train ride.  She loves trains, so this was exciting for her.  Here she is ready to ride with her tickets in hand!

We ended the night with some mini cinnamon donuts...yum!
 They all held hands as we walked back to the main gate.

They were looking super tired on the bus ride home.


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