Monday, August 26, 2013

August 24: Grammy Lois' Birthday Party

On Saturday, we drove to Quincy to go to my grandma's 88th birthday party.  You can see the birthday girl hiding in the back there!

Singing happy birthday (though it looks like my dad is the only one singing in this picture...maybe this was before we actually started singing!)
 Audrey and Isla worked very hard to make birthday cards for Grammy Lois.  Isla worked so hard on hers, that she had a really hard time GIVING it away.  But we convinced her that Grammy Lois would really like it...and that she could make more when we got back home.

Jackson (my step nephew) and Josiah (my nephew) playing cars together.
I tried really hard to get a picture of my niece Braxen but she was on the go the whole time!  This is the best picture I could get.  She was looking quite stylish in her little outfit.
Here's a group picture of all the partygoers.


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