Friday, August 9, 2013

August 8-9: Fun with the Fam!

My mom, sisters, niece and nephew came into town for a little 24 hour trip.  We packed a lot of fun into our day together!

Aunt Andrea likes taking fun pictures with the girls

Yesterday, we walked to the mall.  And while at the mall, we got to ride the train!  The kids (and the adults too!) had so much fun on the train.  I forgot to bring my camera and my phone with me so I didn't take any pictures.  Here are some pics my sister took of her and Braxen on the train. 
After the mall, it was time to rest!
My sisters enjoyed resting on our hammock.

After dinner, it was time to get ready to go see Peter Pan at the Muni.  Aunt Andrea and Audrey put on lip gloss to get ready for the show.

We were looking for a babysitter to watch Braxen and Isla during the show so we wouldn't have to take all four kids.  But we didn't find one, so we just decided to take all the kids with us.  Four adults with four kids ages four and under (and all of them out way past their bedtime) times!  It went about as well as can be expected.  We made it through the whole show, and hopefully we weren't too disruptive to the people sitting around us.
After the show, it was time to meet Peter Pan!  Audrey had been waiting for that moment for several months now.  Since Daniel is running sound, he knows the cast and he knows Anna, the girl who played Peter Pan.  Recently, I posted a video on Facebook of Audrey singing I Won't Grow Up from Peter Pan.  Daniel tagged Anna in the video so that she could see it.  Audrey was so excited to find out that Peter Pan saw her singing!  And then after the show, as soon as Anna/Peter Pan saw us, she came straight up to Audrey and told her what a good singer she was and how much she liked the song.  It was very sweet!
(And I don't want to leave Isla out...Isla surprised me by how much she watched and followed the show.  She was especially excited every time Peter Pan began to fly on stage.  So Isla too was excited to meet Peter Pan after the show!)

Before everyone left today, we took them down to the swimming pool for a few hours!  It was a warm, sunny day (rare these days!)...just perfect for a day at the pool.

The kids don't look too enthused in those pictures, but they did have a good time!  We just made the mistake of taking their pictures after we dragged them all out of the pool.

We all had a really fun time.  Thanks Nana, Andrea, Elisabeth, Josiah and Braxen for coming to see us!!


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