Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18: This and That

Here are some random happenings from around here this week. We are getting ready for SummerFest, our church's VBS, which begins next week.  I've been helping to plan it, and we are down to crunch time getting everything ready.

I also decided that we should start painting our kitchen this week.  Not the greatest timing, but I'm ready to have it done.  Now to find the time and motivation to do it!  Painting around all the cabinets and countertops is a bit tedious.  Right now we have primed about 2/3 of the kitchen, and it looks like this.
I'm very eager to see the new color.  We are going with the color Dill Pickle.  I hope I like it, because repainting does not sound fun at all!

Audrey had her last day of swim lessons, at least for this week.  We are planning to sign her up for one more week this summer.  She has done so much better than I expected.  I need to learn to have higher expectations for this girl!  She has been so anxious around the water that I thought she would be too afraid to try anything in lessons.  But she did everything her teacher wanted to do, including going down under the water and getting a toy from the bottom of the pool!  
 Audrey isn't swimming on her own, but she is trying so hard!  When in the pool with her, all she wants to do is practice swimming to you.  She kicks her feet and tries to paddle her arms, and she can make about one or two dog paddle style strokes on her own before she starts to sink.  What makes me so happy is that when she does start to sink, she doesn't cry or freak out.  She just puts her feet on the bottom, stands up and tries again.  I love seeing her be so persistent and patient!  She might just be able to swim by the end of the summer.  We'll see!

We have some pretty flowers blooming in front of our house right now.

Our house has some really nice landscaping.   Plants/Gardens/Landscaping are not my forte, so I'm leaving the job of keeping all the plants alive to Daniel.

I also finally took some pictures of the front of our house!


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