Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10: Swimming Pool!

We finally got our membership to the neighborhood pool.  It was a long wait, as we could not get a hold of the person we were supposed to pay and she was not returning our phone calls.  But we finally got in touch, she gave us a discount to make up for the week we couldn't swim because we were waiting to hear from her, and we are all happy now!
 The pool is really nice.  It takes about two minutes to walk there from our house.  They have three pools and a nice concession area.

This is the baby pool.  It is 18 inches deep, so even little Isla can walk around in it fairly well.  I'm sure we will spend a lot of time here this summer when I am at the pool by myself with both girls who don't really swim yet.

This is the smaller pool  It is three feet deep, and it has a little slide.  The girls both enjoyed swimming here tonight.  Audrey got pretty brave (with her vest AND her floaties on, even though she could technically touch the bottom of the pool here!), and she even went down the slide once and under the water a few times.  Isla was really brave and just wanted me to let go of her.  I think she wanted to walk around in the pool, like she did in the baby pool.  Isla showed no fear of the water today, which is out of character from her normally extra cautious self...maybe she is going to be the swimmer in our family.

This is the big pool.  We didn't go in this pool tonight, because they don't allow swim diapers in this pool.  So this will be a pool for us when Isla is not around.  =)  When the girls gets bigger and braver, those water slides will be lots of fun I'm sure.

Since it was our first night at the pool, we decided to check out the concession stand.  We treated the girls to a hot dog and a juice box.  It wasn't too cheap, so I don't think we'll be getting concessions too often.  But it was a fun treat for them tonight.

Everyone at the pool was super friendly.  Audrey was introducing herself and talking to everyone.  It's really exciting to be able to spend our summers this way!  And Daniel mentioned something tonight that I hadn't even thought about yet.  I can also go to the pool BY MYSELF!  I hadn't even considered the thought of going to the pool without kids.  But when Daniel is home to watch the girls, I can go to the pool, take a friend, lay out, read a book, and get in the water at my leisure.  Maybe this will be the summer when I can finally add some color to my pasty white skin!

We're planning to go back to the pool tomorrow. And we can bring guests.  So to all our local friends (and any family/friends that want to come visit), let us know if you ever want to come over for a pool party!!!


Jeny Thomas said...

Wow, what a nice family you have.. Kids are soo cute, i loved the pics.


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