Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15: Audrey's First Swim Lesson

 Audrey had her very first swim lesson this morning.  She did a great job.  I heard her cry a few times, but overall, I think she enjoyed it.  She did everything the teacher wanted her to do, including going under the water.  A week ago, she didn't want to even get her face wet.  Today, she was going under the water on her own over and over again.  Audrey also was willing to go into the three foot pool without her vest or her floaties.  A week ago, she insisted on wearing both her vest and floaties into the three foot pool where she could touch the bottom. So that is a huge improvement!

Her teacher seemed really nice, and I think Audrey liked her.  I took this picture from pretty far away, because I didn't want to distract Audrey.  We go back for lessons every day this week, so I'm excited to see what else Audrey will learn!  Her teacher told her that she would go off the diving board later in the week, and Audrey is very nervous about that.  Hopefully she will be brave enough to give it a try!

Audrey had the last lesson slot of the morning, and the pool opened as soon as her lesson finished.  So we stayed for some more swimming.  It was the perfect time, as the pool was nearly empty.  We had the whole baby pool to ourselves.  About an hour into our swim time though, it started to rain a little.  So I'm not sure if the empty pool was because of the time of day or because people just looked at the weather and decided to stay home.

Here is my new brave swimmer, showing off her moves in the pool!

 After watching Audrey go underwater over and over again, Isla wanted to go underwater too!  She was only willing to go under enough to cover her mouth.  And she kept doing it with her mouth wide open!  I tried to get her to close her mouth, and she would...until she got close to the water and then she opened it wide.  I don't want to think about how much pool water she consumed this morning.

We've been members of the pool for six days now, and we have been to the pool six times!!


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