Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22: We Bought a House!

I apologize for yet another blogging break...we were busy buying a house this week.  Well, we verbally agreed to buy a house.  It won't be official until we sign the contract on Monday.  And then it won't really be official until we sell our house, as our contract is contingent on us selling our house.  And it won't officially be official until we close sometime in June.  But the process has begun!

On Tuesday, we walked through the house that I was really hoping we would like.  And we liked it!  We love the location, neighborhood (it is a half block from a neighborhood pool!) and the schools.   The layout will work well for us (with three bedrooms plus an additional room to serve as a piano room).  It has just about everything on our list except:  the garage is not attached (but it is a nice, 2 1/2 car garage), the laundry room is not in a finished part of the house (but I have hopes we can make a finished laundry room someday), and the price was just a little over our budget (but it was close!). 

We have a potential buyer for our house also.  He walked through on Monday, then he brought his wife and parents through today.  They liked it, and our realtor said things were looking good.  But then later tonight she told us they were walking through SEVEN more houses tomorrow.  So who knows what could happen??  Let's hope that they pick our house!  How amazing would it be if we could buy a house (not yet listed) and sell our house (not yet listed) all within a matter of a couple of days?!  It would be amazing, and it is probably too good to be true!

So besides all this craziness with the house (I am NOT moving again for a very, very long time!), Audrey had her Easter Egg hunt/Family night at her school last night.  It was crazy with her whole school plus all their parents and siblings.  But the girls had a good time. 

Isla was eager to jump in and do all the crafts just like the big kids were doing.  That girl is growing up!  I just loved watching her and Audrey working on their projects together.

 The highlight of the night was the Easter Egg hunt.  Though it wasn't much of a hunt, because the eggs were just scattered around the gym floor and each kid got to pick up six to put in their bags.  But my girls thought it was great!  Isla was so proud of her bag, and Audrey was so excited to see what was inside each egg.

Speaking of egg hunts, our church is hosting a big egg hunt and pancake breakfast tomorrow morning, which I have been helping to plan.  With all the house stuff going on, it has turned out to be the worst timing to also be helping with the egg hunt.  But I think everything is ready to go for the morning, and hopefully it will be a great community outreach event!


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