Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16

The girls and I drove over to my mom's house to stay for a couple of days.  Daniel stayed home to work on a long list of home improvement projects without any children to get in the way.  We have someone coming to walk through our house on Monday.  We haven't listed our house yet (because we haven't found a house we want to buy yet), but our realtor thinks this person might be a good fit for our house. 

On Tuesday, we are going to walk through the house that we like and have heard lots of good things about.  So it could be a big (aka STRESSFUL!) week.  When I was casually looking at houses for sale, it was kind of fun.  Now that we are seriously looking at houses and thinking about selling our house, it is not quite as much fun.  It's hard work to sell a house and buy a house and to get all the timing worked out with all of it.  If I can survive it all, I think I will be really excited about a new house...but it is going to be a long road to get there.

So back to today, Isla has figured out how to say Nana and Papa, and she just keeps calling their names out over and over again.  Braxen (our niece, who is one year younger than Isla) and Isla are big fans of playing on the stairs, so we found ourselves sitting around the stairs a lot tonight.  Here is Nana with all her grandgirls!


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