Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18: Our House

We had a potential buyer walk through our house today...and he liked it!  He is coming again on Friday to walk through with his wife and parents.  We haven't listed our house for sale yet; this buyer is someone our realtor is working with and she thought he might be interested in our house when we are ready to sell it.

So that is long as we find a house we want to buy.  But we can't sell this house without finding a house we like, as I really don't want to be forced to buy a house we don't like.  We are walking through a house tomorrow night that has huge potential.  I love the location and the schools are good (our top two reasons for moving).  It looks like it fits with almost everything on my list, plus I have seen some pictures, and it is super cute.  It is not listed for sale yet, but we have talked to the owners and it sounds like they are willing to sell it to us before they list it.  All of these things are good!  I just hope that when we see this house in person it lives up to all the expectations we have for it.
Daniel worked hard for the past few days to get our house in top selling condition.  It looks really nice!  The biggest project was our kitchen.  He took down the wallpaper, repainted the walls and the ceiling and put up new baseboards.  It really does look much better.  Here is a before picture of the kitchen: 
And after!  The cabinets and countertop really do need to be replaced, but at least it looks brighter and cleaner in there now.  It was amazing how much more light appeared to be in the room once we had the horribly dark wallpaper down.
The buyer wanted pictures of the house to show to his wife and family, so I took some today while everything was looking so nice!  

Here is another view of the kitchen.  The appliances are by far the best thing we have going on in the kitchen.
 I posted pictures of the dining room recently; there is nothing really new in here.
And here's the living room.  I don't think I have posted pictures of the living room, since we removed the closet door that used to be in the back left.
This is the downstairs bathroom, which we gave a facelift last year.
This is the office/piano room, which could be considered a third bedroom to a new buyer.

Going upstairs, this is the master bedroom.

And this is the built in closet in our bedroom.  (This was a huge selling feature for me in buying this house!  For an old house, it has great storage.)

And the girls room is also upstairs.  I cleaned a lot of stuff out of here, so it is pretty empty right now!

We remodeled the upstairs bathroom shortly after moving into this house.  I had to go way back to my old xanga blog to find the before pictures.  (ugh, it was awful!)  Here is what that bathroom looks like now:

And finally, the basement.
It was too cold to go outside and take pictures today, but if we end up listing the house for sale, I will have to add those pictures then.  

It's a good house.  I hope that someone will want to buy it and love it as much as we have loved it!


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