Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17...Day 295

I am thankful that this little girl made it through the day without cracking her head open or breaking a bone or something awful like that. Now that she is starting to walk more, she just takes off and goes until she loses her balance and falls splat on the floor. There is no gentle falling with her. She gets going so fast, that when she falls, she falls hard. I try to stick close to her, but I can't always catch her. The falling doesn't seem to affect Audrey too much...she may cry a little, but she is always ready to get back up and go some more. And so far I haven't noticed any bruises or marks on her as a result of her falls. But it bothers me! It looks so painful, and I feel bad for her! Hopefully her balance will improve quickly, because this wobbly stage is going to stress me out!


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