Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A new year always makes me want to start new projects around the house.  I'm really good at starting projects.  I'm not always so good at finishing them though.  I have a really long list of projects I would like to complete in this house, but some of them are going to take years to complete.

Right now, I'm in the midst of three fairly small projects that I would love to finish soon.  Just need to find some extra money and some extra time and motivation!

Project #1:  Audrey's Room
We finally bought a twin bed for Audrey which means she no longer has to sleep in her tiny toddler bed!  I feel a little bad that my fairly tall five year old was still sleeping in that bed.  Now, she can finally feel like a big girl in her real bed!  And with a new bed, it is time to tackle her room.

Knowing that we would eventually be getting her a new bed, I didn't really do much to her room when we moved in besides painting it.  We didn't have a home for any of her toys or stuff, so everything just ends up piled up everywhere.  It doesn't help that Audrey is a major hoarder too.  The girl keeps everything, while I would prefer to throw away everything.   So we are in the midst of trying to get her room cleaned up and organized, trying to find a way to please both me and her!

Project #2:  Gallery Wall in the Hallway
I have most of the frames that I need to complete this project.  Just need to get a few more and then I can start hanging.  That is, f I can ever figure out how I am going to arrange and hang them!  These papers have been moved around again and again to help me figure out where the frames will go, and I'm not sure they have found their final home yet.

Project #3:  Mini Master Bath Makeover
I bought a new shower curtain for our master bathroom, which I really love.  Now I'm in the mood to paint and buy some new shelves, towels and decor.

If I ever finish these projects, I will share the final results!


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