Monday, January 13, 2014

New Camera Bag...and a New Resolution!

I used some Christmas money to buy myself a present...a Kelly Moore camera bag!  It is more money than I have ever spent on a bag before, though I did get a deal by buying an older model of the bag instead of the current version.

I have been without a camera bag for a while, which means whenever I go to a photo shoot or  take my camera with me somewhere, I just put my camera in whatever purse I have with me.  It's not very safe for the camera, so I did really need to get a bag.  And it was nice to have the opportunity to get a super cute camera bag...and one that doesn't even look like a camera bag!

Now that I have my fancy new bag, and I have no excuse for not carrying my camera with me, I'm going to try to take more pictures with my camera.  Since I have had my iphone for the past year, I have been really lazy about taking pictures with my camera.  Instead, I just use my phone and don't even try to get a good picture.

I started this blog way back when with the intention of using my camera and bettering my photography skills.  Now, while I still use my camera to take pictures of other people's families, I rarely use it to take pictures of my own family.  Which makes me sad. So I'm going to try to change that.

The weather today was really was 50 degrees!  Considering that it was -15 degrees last Monday, this was a definite improvement.  The girls wanted to play outside today, and Daniel told them that he would give them a penny for every stick they picked up in our backyard.  They loved this and had so much fun picking up sticks!  I decided to take advantage and grabbed my camera for a few pictures!

Audrey picked up 100 sticks, give or take a few.  Her counting skills aren't quite perfect.  And she counted the smallest twig as a stick.  Then she decided she was tired of counting, but she continued to pick up quite a few more sticks.  Who knew it would be so much fun for her?  Isla helped too, though she didn't want to touch any stick that looked too dirty.

When Audrey got too tired from picking up all those sticks, she would sit down under the tree to rest.  Isla tried to join her once, but she was too afraid to sit in the grass/dirt.   So Isla just squatted down next to Audrey and pretended to rest.

When Daniel got home from work, he took the girls to Scheels where they spent the 100 pennies they earned on some ice cream!!


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