Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28: Isla's Two Year Checkup

Isla had her two year wellness visit yesterday.
(I took these pictures tonight while she was eating a fudgsicle for the first time!  Also, I think she has learned the "tilt your head in every photo" pose from her big sister.)
Now that we have gotten her test results back and know that there is nothing wrong with her growth, her measurements don't seem like that big of a deal anymore.  But still, I've kept such a good record of all these measurements so far...why stop now?

She weighed in at 22.3 pounds (3%).  Which is about 1.5 pounds less than she weighed a month ago.  I'm not sure if that measurement last month was accurate though.  Maybe she has lost weight or maybe they just measured her wrong at her last appointment.  At this point, we are not concerned.

They gave her a generous height measurement of 31.5 inches (4%).  But I was watching the nurse measure her, and it was much closer to 31 than 31.5. 

Two year olds start on a new growth chart, and the percentiles on the new growth chart do not match up to the old chart.  So a month ago, on the old chart, she was in the 1% for height.  Now, on the new chart, she is in the 4% for height.  It doesn't really mean she has moved up the chart; it's just a different chart.
The best part about the doctor's visit was we don't have to go back until she turns three!  The doctor said she looked great and she no longer had any concerns.  It has been so long since we have gone to the doctor and not had to worry about something or schedule another visit.  I'm very thankful for a nice, normal, easy visit!  And she didn't have to get any shots, so that was exciting too!
Since Isla has turned two, it seems that she now needs to remind us that she is two.  She has been throwing more tantrums and in general just been crabby lately.  I can see a two year molar peeking in on one side, and I like to blame that for her crabbiness.  Because of course, my perfect child would never be cranky without a good reason, right?  (lots of sarcasm intended!)

However, when she is not being crabby, she is so incredibly adorable and funny.  I've got to figure out a way to get more of her expressions on video.  I think because she has been a little slower with speech and words, she learned early on how to express what she wants with her eyes and facial expressions and body language and tone of voice.  I think she can say about a hundred different things with just her eyes alone.  It is the cutest thing ever!

She is putting words together more and more.  Her favorite types of phrases go like this, always with an emphasis on the "me":  "Go, play, me!"  or "shoes, on, me!" or "Daddy, book, me!" (that last one means:  Daddy read a book to me).   She is also starting to put descriptive words together like "juice box" or "brown car."  She is becoming much more aware of colors.  One day, I was wearing a blue shirt, and all day long when she spotted something blue, she would point at it, then point to my shirt and say:  "!"

Here is a cute picture that Audrey took of Isla tonight!


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