Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kid City

 While we were unpacking last week, Audrey was enjoying Kid City, the preschool VBS at our church.  She had a great time every night!

Here is a picture from last year (on the left) and this year (on the right):

She was much more excited last year about posing for a picture.  As a big four year old now, she is much too cool for posing for pictures. The sign in the picture is not exactly the same, but it is similar.  I think that line in the middle is the same on both you can see how much she has grown!

The song for the week was very catchy.  It is in my head all the time...STILL!  Both Audrey and Isla love it though.  Here is Audrey performing the song with all the kids during the final program.
(The scenery falling down at the end of the video was a highlight of the final program.  It didn't phase Audrey though.  She just kept on singing!)


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