Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10: Happy Birthday, Braxen!

After spending last week with friends in town, the girls and I headed to my mom's house for this week.  While it is fun staying with friends and family, it will be really nice to have our own space again.  One week from today!!!!

Yesterday we had a first birthday party for my niece Braxen.  My sister planned a fun party with a beach theme.  I made the beach ball cake and cupcakes.
 My dad did magic tricks for everyone.
 And Braxen LOVED her first bites of cake!  =)

 After watching Braxen dig into her cake, Isla (who would not touch her cake at her first birthday party) was very concerned about how messy Braxen's fingers were.  When it was time to eat her cupcake, Isla wanted to eat it on the floor.  Then she refused to touch the cupcake with her fingers.  Instead, she ate it like this:
Some of our family:  My Aunt Nancy with Audrey, me and Isla, my sister Elisabeth and Braxen, my dad and stepmom, and stepbrother Joey with his son (my step-nephew?) Jackson


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