Saturday, March 21, 2015


I took the girls to get much needed haircuts today.  I have never attempted to cut their hair myself.  The thought terrifies me.  I would much rather take them to my stylist at the salon and let her deal with it!

Audrey loves to go see Jenni at the salon.  Today, she decided that she wanted to keep her hair long, so she just got a good trim.  She probably got about 2 inches cut off, though it's hard to tell because it is braided in the after picture.

And another before picture of Audrey because she just can't resist posing for the camera sometimes.

Isla has been to get her haircut by Jenni twice.  And she really was not a fan either time.  But, this time, we talked a lot about it, and she went into the salon with a good attitude.  I might even say she was excited about this haircut!  She still wanted to sit on my lap while getting her hair cut, but other than that, she did great.  Jenni even used a flat iron on her hair, and Isla tolerated it (though she didn't look too happy about that part).

I think Isla really likes her new haircut.  I have caught her looking at herself in the mirror and swishing her hair back and forth.  It really does look much better, and it also makes her look SO grown up!  More like a four year old and less like my little baby.

And another one of Isla.  I'm not sure what she's doing, but I don't care.  When she willingly asks to pose for a picture, I never question it!

I also discovered that Audrey got a similar haircut at nearly the exact same age as Audrey.  Isla is only one day older than Audrey was in this picture.  I thought they would look more alike when I put them side by side.

And here's the reason why I love blogging and don't want to let this little blog of mine die.  I can link back to that day on my blog (August 20, 2012) when Audrey got this haircut.  And I just love having these little moments documented and available for me to go back and reminisce any time I want.


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