Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Audrey Update

How about an update?  As usual, it's been a while.

Let's start with Audrey.

She has been having so much fun at school lately.  She has been through several different stages with various fears about things that would happen in her day at school.  To me, they seemed like trivial, irrational, very unscary things.  But for Audrey, they were a big deal.  She did a good job being brave and conquering those fears though, and right now, I don't think she is scared about ANYTHING at school.  (Though ask me tomorrow, and I might tell you differently!)

They celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten a while back.  It was one of her favorite days at school so far, I think.

Recently, her class celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by making green eggs and ham for their snack.  They also made Cat in the Hat masks and lots of other fun surprises.  This was another favorite day for Audrey.  The highlight of her day was cracking the egg all by herself.  I never let her do that at home, but she informed me that her teacher thought she was big enough to do it all by herself, so I should let her too!

And a few more random school pictures.  It's a good thing her teacher takes so many pictures, because I rarely pull my camera out these days.

Audrey is starting to read really well!  She has been constantly surprising me by what words she knows.  She also got her second report card last week and received all 3's!  That is the equivalent to As.  I am still mourning the loss of the ABCDF grading system.  A "3" is just not as exciting as an "A"!

Her school hosted a family art night where we all got to go and make crafts.  It was a bit crazy and not so much fun for me and Daniel, but Audrey thought it was fun.

Oh, and she lost her first tooth!!!


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