Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Isla Update

Now, it's Isla's turn.  Oh my sweet Isla girl.  I don't think I've written about her in a while, so there is a lot to update!

It's harder to write an update that includes pictures or videos for Isla because the girl does not like the camera at all.  Still.  In her 3.5 years of life, Isla has already taught me so much about understanding individual kids' personalities and adjusting my expectations.  She likes to do things in her own way at her own time.  We always worry about her, then she turns out to be just fine.  When she was a baby, it was turning her head and neck.  Then crawling.  Then walking.  Then growing.  Now it is talking and socializing that is causing us concern.  I keep reminding myself that she does things her own way.  And that is what makes her our Isla girl.

I have been trying to sneak video of her whenever possible though!  Because I want to have memories of her at this age.  And I want other people to be able to see the "real" Isla, who only shows her true self to a select few in her inner circle of family and friends.  This is a video from about six months ago.  She was reading the book No David, until she realized what I was doing and made me go away.  I think some of her sounds have improved a little since this video.  Maybe.  But listening to her read that book was the cutest thing EVER!

Isla is going to preschool three afternoons a week now.  When you talk to her, she sounds like she loves school.  She can tell you all about her teachers, the other students in the class, what they learned and did that day.  She can even sing all of the songs.  

But at school, she does nothing.  She is cooperating with the teachers (now) and walking to each center by herself.  She will push in her chair and take any papers to her cubby and line up with the class when it is time.  But she doesn't talk or sing.  She doesn't color or do any of the paper work.  She doesn't make the crafts.  She doesn't even eat the snack.  She doesn't play at recess.  Isla is my super stubborn girl and when she make up her mind not to do something, it feels impossible to change it.   It is SO frustrating as a parent to watch her do this.  Because she is good at coloring and paperwork and crafts.  She loves to do them at home!  Her teachers have been amazing with her, and they have been more patient than I could even ask of them.  They have decided to give her space.  As long as she is following the basic class rules, then they will not force her to do the other things until she is ready.  I keep thinking a flip will switch in her and she will start participating, but with only two months left of school, Isla is still holding strong.  We are all happy that she is at least going to school willingly, and that she appears to enjoy it when she is NOT there.

Here is a video of her playing school and pretending to be her teacher.  She pays so much attention, and she knows every word that is spoken in that classroom.  Here she  is singing the song they sing at school to learn the colors in Spanish.  Sorry for the horrible video, but I was trying to record and not let her know I was recording!

We are in the process of looking into speech therapy options.  We tried to get her in with our state's Early Intervention program when she was two, but she didn't qualify.  At the time they thought she was in the range of normal.  Now, I am most positive that she would fall below the normal range in her speech.  But I have been putting off contacting a speech therapist because I know that Isla will not cooperate.  I guess I should have more confidence in her.  She could surprise me!  But I am pretty positive that she will not say a word in front of the speech therapist, at least for a really long time.  I am praying that our therapist is a miracle worker who can work her way quickly into Isla's trusted circle of friends.

Sometimes Audrey can get Isla to do things that we can't get her to do.  Like willingly pose for pictures!  They were taking pictures of each other posing with some props from an 80s party I threw for a friend.  I love these pictures that Audrey captured of Isla!

Playing in the snow also brought out some genuine smiles for the camera!!

When she is at home or in a place where she is comfortable, Isla is the happiest, most easy going three year old.  She talks nonstop when just the two of us are home together.  So much that the introvert in me almost has to beg her to be quiet for a few seconds!  She keeps herself entertained so well and has a great attention span.  Some days she will just run and dance around the house saying, "I'm so happy!!"  

It is only when we are out in public or in a place where she is getting attention that the stubborn, silent Isla makes her appearance.  I've decided that most of her shy, introverted, non-social ways stem from her not wanting any attention at all, good or bad.  She doesn't like to be complimented (even by us sometimes!).  She doesn't like to be criticized (who does?).  She doesn't like to be seen.  One of her favorite phrases is, "Nobody see me.  I don't want anybody to see me."  

Recently I said to Isla, "Wouldn't it be great if you could be invisible?"  And Isla replied, "Can you do that Mom?  Really?  For real?"  

I can't make her invisible, but I am hoping that we can find a way to help her learn to be comfortable when the eyes of others are on her.  She is such a sweet, smart and funny girl, and I know she has so much to share with the world someday!


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