Friday, February 20, 2015

My Favorite Party Planning Accessory

It's no secret that I like to throw parties.  And I like to stick with a modest budget as much as possible.  That means that I reuse a lot of party supplies.  It's amazing how some things can be repurposed and reused to look completely different at each party.

My most favorite party decorating item in the whole wide world is the Tolsby frame from Ikea.  This little, white 99 cent frame is so versatile!

You can make anything, print it out, put it inside the frame, and then you have brand new party decor every time.   Love it!

Here are a few ways I have used the frame.

This is for my upcoming movie-themed Oscar party on Sunday.

For an ugly Christmas sweater party.

For Audrey's Little Mermaid party.

For Isla's Mary Poppins party.

For my friend's Tiffany-themed birthday party.

For Audrey's Tangled party.

For a friend's mustache-themed baby shower.

For our Golden Hollywood themed Oscar party in 2013.

For our Black/White themed Oscar party in 2011.

I'm pretty sure I have used this frame at other times too, but those are all the pictures I can find.

I found some similar frames at Party City last year (for a little more money), but their quality was cheaper.  I like Ikea's much better.  Next time I am at Ikea, I'm going to stock up and buy like 20 of them!


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