Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Weekend

Still playing catch up here...

The weather for Easter weekend was SO perfect!  Nothing makes me happier than warm, sunny days.  And the weather for Easter was both warm and sunny and absolutely perfect.

On Saturday, we walked down to a church down the street for an Easter Egg hunt.  The girls took their super fancy Easter baskets that Aunt Nancy sent them.

Easter Sunday was a bit hectic, as is usual when Daniel and I are both involved in ministries for church.  I had to be at church super early to play piano for the sunrise service (remind me not to volunteer to do that next year!!).  Then I taught my Sunday School class during first service.  Daniel did a super job getting the girls ready for Easter Sunday all by himself and getting them to church on time, so he could help out with all of his responsibilities in making sure everything ran smoothly for Easter services.

In the past, I have taken pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses BEFORE Easter.  And I really should have done that this year.  It is so stressful to try to get pictures taken in the midst of all the Easter morning craziness.   We did manage to get pictures of each of the girls, our family and the girls together at different points in time throughout the morning...but it wasn't always pretty.  Here are the pretty pictures, where we look like everything is just lovely and perfect and not stressful at all.

And, inspired by my friend Lizzie, who posted a  more realistic and not so flattering Easter picture on Facebook:   here are the "blooper reel" pictures where you can better see what reality is like!
 (I have many more bloopers, but I'll spare you all of them!)


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