Friday, February 7, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

Our master bedroom got an unexpected update this week.

I have been having sinus and ear pain and pressure pretty consistently for almost a year now.  After a few trips to the doctor without anything being resolved, she sent me to an allergist for testing.  I had the test last week and it turns out that I am "very strongly" allergic to:  dust mites, mold, tree pollen, grass pollen, dogs and cats, with minor reactions to some other things as well.  Who knew?  I've never had traditional allergy symptoms (running nose, sneezing, watery eyes...) so I never really thought allergies could be the culprit.  But it looks like I was wrong.

Along with a nasal spray, daily antihistamines and allergy shots, my doctor very strongly recommended that I change my environment.  You can't really get rid of dust mites and pollen and such, but there are some immediate changes you can make to protect your bedding from dust mites.

I would have loved to get a new mattress (ours is really old), and while getting a new mattress, get a queen sized bed too (we just have a full).  But that wasn't in the budget for now, so instead I bought an encasement cover to go over the mattress and covers for our pillows as well.  The covers are supposed to keep dust mites from getting in or out of the pillows and mattress.  Along with regular hot water washing of sheets and blankets, this is supposed to help with dust mite allergies.

Our comforter is one I bought several years ago when we redid our bedroom in our old house.  It is a very heavy, dense comforter that is dry clean only.  And let's be honest, we never really dry clean it or wash it even.  Which means it is probably a prime place for dust mites.  (Warning:  don't start reading about dust mites, you may never want to go to sleep in your bed again!). 
 (Picture of the old comforter in our old house.  And look at the tiny little Audrey!!)

 I decided it would be best to purchase a new comforter that is more allergy friendly and easier to wash.  And then I needed a duvet cover to make it look pretty.  I was looking for a cover that would match the curtains and pillows I already had, so I didn't have to buy anything else new.

I really like the look of this new duvet cover. I ordered it on sale from Target online.  I was hoping that the colors would match, but you never know when you are ordering online.  It turned out to be just the perfect colors to go with our existing decor!  I think this new cover brightens up the room, and the pattern is a nice mix between masculine and feminine.  Now I kind of want to paint the walls!  And get some decor up on the walls!  I always have a mile long to do list in our house.  I think it will always be a work in progress.  Because once I get everything done on my to do list, I will be ready to change it all again.

On a side note, I've decided to start calling these allergies, "the things that are sucking up all our money."  Between this new bedding, the medicine I was prescribed, and the cost of the doctor's visits and testing and shots, we are feeling a bit broke!

The big question is:  Does the new bedding help my allergies?  I don't know.  So far, I have been feeling okay.  Not great but not as horrible as I have felt in the past.  So maybe the dust mite protection is working?  It's hard to tell if it is the bedding or the meds or something else.  At this point, I am desperate enough to feel normal again, that I will buy anything with the hope that it will make the annoying pain and pressure in my head go away.


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