Friday, February 21, 2014

And we're done.

Potty training day 2 was a bust.  Isla is back in diapers now, and I think we will wait a couple of months before trying again.

The day started off well, as Isla woke up completely dry!  The last time she peed was 5 pm last night, and when she woke up at 6:30 am, her pull up was dry.  Daniel got her to go on the potty, but she was crying and scared and not happy about it.

After that, she didn't want to pee anymore all day.  She started to cry when it was time to go to the potty, and she would stubbornly hold it as long as she physically could.  She didn't even want to pee in a diaper.  It was a complete pee strike.  She ended up having two accidents after holding it for so long, she just couldn't physically do it anymore.  She did make it in the potty twice, but it was a scary thing for her and she wasn't happy about it.  We had to physically hold her on the potty a few times, and that just didn't seem right.

I was starting to worry that if she continued like this she would get a urinary tract infection or end up in the ER with a catheter.   Isla can be stubborn, which we learned early on when she didn't want to turn her head or crawl or walk or talk!!  Little Miss Independent likes to do things in her own time and in her own way.  If she was five and still not potty trained, I might feel the need to force the issue a little more.  But since she is still just two, we decided to hold off on the potty training for now.  We will wait a few months and give it another try; hopefully then it will be a more pleasant and less scary experience for her!


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