Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Mermaid Party: Favors and Games

Ugh...I'm way behind on blogging!  Here is another post about Audrey's Little Mermaid Party.

I love giving favors to kids at parties.  Probably because I just like giving gifts.  But I think it is just so much fun to see their faces light up when they get a present just for them.  I've started putting the kids' names on the favor bags.  It helps me to remember to give it to them.  Plus, I think kids just feel special when they get something with their name on it.  And that makes me happy!

For the older kids bags, I put a Little Mermaid pen/stamper (found in the Target dollar spot), bubbles (with a custom label attached), Ocean Spray fruit snacks and a few pieces of color coordinated candy.  The younger toddlers and babies got ocean animal bath squirters and bubbles.

 To keep the kids entertained, we played a couple of games.  I wanted to play the games outside where we would have more room.  But then it was muddy and leaves were everywhere, and I really didn't want all that yuckiness tracked back inside my house (on my new yellow rug!).  Inside, it was a bit chaotic, trying to keep them all contained and following the rules in a very small space, as you can tell from my facial expression in this picture!
We played Pass the Mermaid, which was like Hot Potato using an Ariel doll instead.  And we also played Dinglehopper Dash.  I dumped a bunch of plastic forks on the ground, and then we split the kids up into two groups:  boys vs. girls.  We timed each group to see how fast they could pick up all the forks (dinglehoppers according to Scuttle in the movie) and put them in the buckets.  The games were fairly simple, but I think the kids had fun.

In the basement, I set up a little craft station where the kids could make their own jellyfish.  I just had them color on a styrofoam bowl, attach self-adhesive eyes, and then tape pre cut ribbons to the inside of the bowl.  I wasn't sure if anyone would even want to make a craft, but almost everyone did!  Big thanks to my friend Lindsey, who ended up manning this table and helping everyone with their jellyfish!


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